"Marc" Marcantonio

Professional Bass Fisherman

Marc's Sponsors

The sponsors and products below have ALL earned a place in my boat, so you can count on them to give you that "Go To War" support, effort, and endurance.  Please support them with your business as they help make bass fishing a tremendous sport for all of us!

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Honor and Integrity

In my 23+ years of military service, one constant that I found reigned supreme was that Honor and Integrity are everything...and must be protected.  I only endorse products and services which I personally use, enjoy, and feel are worthy of my support.  Only the VERY best products make it into my tackle box or on my boat and, only the VERY best products and companies I accept as sponsors.  Why?  Because I will not endorse a product or company which I will not stake my reputation on...period. Complete the Feedback form if you are interested in joining my team of sponsors. 

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